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Contributed by:  Church Goer

19 October, 2010

Here is an extract:

“…  if Jesus did not wash Peter’s feet, then Peter did not belong.  … Just as Jesus was demonstrating his unique leadership in dealing with the sin of the world, he was also demonstrating what it means to lead by serving.  It is remarkable that he used such a ctucial moment in his life as a teachable moment for us!  He was giving an example of how leadership must be exercised in the church, the home, the family, and the marriage.  We are to lead by serving.” 

I share my thoughts on this blog “Faithful Thoughts” using the example of Jesus washed Peter’s feet to illustrate a sydrome in some of the churches today. In that, Pastors assume the role of modern “CEO of church” rather than a true shepherd who’s to lead by serving his flock. 

Recently one of my friends came feedback to me about the syndrome in his church.  Just to summarize some of his inputs into simple practices:

*  His pastor ever mentioned that anyone could leave the church as “the door remains open”.  (There was no attempt to counsel leaving church members at all.)

*  The pastor quoted the verse from the Bible, in John 21:15 – 17.  Jesus was challenging Peter, “do you love me more than these?”, “Simon son of John, do you love me?”… the essence, according to the pastor, was that Jesus meant not only to draw commitment from peter but all christian believers, to come forward and share the loads/duties in pastorial responsiblity and capacity, so called, put it simply a shared responsibility. 

The role of christian/church leadership was never mistaken since the ancient time, that the shepherd cares (feeds) his flock of sheep. Hence the challenge was meant to make aware and draw ultimate commitment from church leaders (pastors, ministers, elders etc.). Leadership structure & responsibilities cannot be overemphasized and must not be diluted to end up “everybody’s duty” and “everybody shares the responsibility” sort of blurred line drawn on the sand.  Otherwise, it sure to end up the worse case scenario of Nobody’s fault and responsibility… so, where’s the shepherd?

Another sad issue in this case is the notion of “the door remains open” mentality.  The Bible clearly illustrates how a shepherd went the whole night out  in search of his single one lost sheep until he found it and happily brought home the sheep.  A church is not like a business outfit.  It is the body of Christ. No sheep should be let loose and lost in the open. 

A clear danger in church sermons today, remains that some pastors prefer to adapt God’s Word to fit into their own messages. The greater danger is that the majority hold the mentality of “who’s to say that the pastor is wrong?”.  Pastorial commitment and leadership are therefore the pillars of growing the church, supported by Power of Sermons and Power of Prayers. 

God is Love.

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