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China's Rare Earths mine worker

24th Oct 2010 

Article contribted by:  Joshua (Ministry)

For those Christians who think that God isn’t taking good care of them, is primarily due to their ignorance of how larger population of people who are living under extreme tough environment, such as miners and farmers.  Not all farmers drive tractors and Landrover around like what we saw in movies.  Asian and African farmers are used to hard labour work and hardship in the field.

Christians living in modern cities will have a very different view point about what is God’s blessing as compared with christians living far away from cities and in the wild nature… like Africa and some under-developed countries.

Interestingly, to a certain degree pastorial staff who are serving God’s missionary work in developed cities may also have very different view points about God’s blessing.  Though they received the same calling to go into missionary work.  In particular, the lack of leadership by example of these “well-blessed” pastorial staff is evident.  Hence, the way they developed into a syndrome of “blame culture” (i.e. put blame on church members for lack of spiritual growth) and kept trying for management solutions for the growth of church instead of critically re-examine their leadership & shepherd role. 

But dear brothers and sisters, do not lose faith of what God can do for your church and especially for individuals.  Hang on there and be conscious of sharing the love of God and the word of God. It is amazing that how our Lord restalls peace and the flow of rythem of worship and hence, revive his church.

Firstly, is to embrace clear identity and mission of Pointing People To God. Those who are involved in teaching and guidance, must look for signs of “inner circle building” that split members of the church into different groups of people who only go about protecting their own relationship and kept open communication much within the group. A church must be a whole in order to progress and revive. Pastorial staff must relook their power of prayer and power of sermon, to motivate and enlighten people, not looking at the wrong stuff such as demography of church members.  Church “business” is God’s business, not your notion of million/billion dollars businesses.

Think of people who are in different parts of the world, how they live a tough life on earth to feed their family.  think of people who suffer in war zones; think of people in pain; think of children in Africa…

So, dear brothers and sisters, we are blessed and at the same time, bare a constantly changing mind of questioning whether we are blessed. Have faith.

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