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Serving Who? Question for Pastorial Staff

Article by:   Joshua  (Ministry)

4th May 2011  Wed

There is this Christian church in Asia, a rather traditional one. It has about slightly more than 200 members by now, much less than 500 strong in its hey day.

Over time, this church was ‘hi-jacked’ by one or two of its church council members, went on to link up more government-link community activities and events; instead of taking care of its flock (church members). Gradually, church members moved away and lost. But interestingly the pastor in-charge mentioned his: ‘We want quality rather than quantity, the door is open’. Many of the church members already felt that Sunday sermons are just passing through the motion and uninspiring.

There is this old man who has been serving voluntarily as the head of choir and conductor faithfully for a few decades. Now he’s a sick man with Parkinson disease. Strangely, the church council just ignore the fact that he had served very well on the church choir and music. This guy was completely forgotten, not even a proper farewell been mentioned by the church. From the perspective of society, this is an outright used and thrown philosophy.

But in the eye of God, it is not the case. Though this particular church failed to demonstrate right caring nature, service to God remains a commitment and be blessed by Him.

Yet this church never understood its mission for Gospel and Love. By adopting the same philosophy and practices of private corporations, it fails in its primary role of ‘Feed my sheep’.

Yet from time to time, the pastor feels intrigue about why his church membership kept dwindling down… So, who is he serving, the world or God.


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