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Time for Reflection In Daily Life

Story by:  Joshua (ministry)

23rd June 2011

Daily life stories abundance. This one is interesting for readers to ponder about what’s of real importance to people who bounce off each other in common places such as marketplace food stalls.

There is this coffee shop in a heart-landers housing estate in Singapore. On a weekday the business is rather slow for the coffee shop with eateries (food stalls).  A young man was sitting on a table alone waiting for his parents who were buying some food from one of stalls at the coffee shop. There came an old man walked straight to the table and wanted to sit down at the same table with a plate of food. The young man looked up to him and told him politely, “Uncle, the table is occupied. my parents will be coming back here, they are buying food.” The old man was apparently been triggered off by the young man’s remark. He started to give this young man a lecture of how could he ignore an old man and deprived him of his seat at the table… he went on to murmured for quite a while before he settled himself to another empty table nearby. In fact, inside the coffee shop at that moment were many empty tables and seats available.

When the parents of the young man came back to the table with food they bought, the young man called across the other table where the old man was sitting, and told him to look at the fact he had mentioned to the old man minutes before. The old man felt rather embarrassed and kept to his silent.

Such scene and commotion is common in every day’s life. The essence of this however, is not quite understood by many. Here’s the takeaway:

–  In life, there’s plenty of options available if we were to look around us and settle for something lesser or even some places not used to be our “playground”. Look beyond the horizon and things start to open up.

–  Don’t assume that what we see must be correct. We used to look at things through tinted glasses and, worse still fail to notice our blind spots.

–  When there’s commotion, let things cool off a while and just “take your food” and walk away. This would not be the last time you encounter similar events.

God bless.

Time is not lost on reflection...


Truth In Different Parts of This World

Submitted By:  Joshua

22nd June 2011

Editor:  With reference to our writer Joshua’s previous post about “What’s Truth Really?”, here’s what Joshua has to say further on Truth… through the lens of reality, in which those who live in the “philosophical shelter” never knew about.

The Truth in Afghanistan = High-risk Living

The Truth in developed Asian city = high cost living

What’s Truth Really?

Commentary by:  Joshua

22 June 2011   Wed

If Life Is about rollercoaster rides... What's philosophical Truth means?

What’s Truth Really?

Recently my one of my church-mates (his name is Seng) spoke to me on the most commonly asked subject on earth – What’s Truth?

Seng said that truth has been spoken out loud by so many but yet it remains most uncertain in its true nature. So much so that people would just simply claim that they knew about Truth and push their way through.

So, Seng wished to know how do we better explain Truth, in order to avoid further confusion that leads many to “Timbuctoo”…

I thought for a while and started to put things in clearer forms;

“To unveil myths such as What’s Truth, one needs to hold up his “Prism” that allowing The Source of Light to shine at it and look at What’s reflected.  In essence, everyone would look at the reflection from his Prism and claims what he/she sees as the Truth!?

That still does not lay out the Truth, but the combination of Prism & Light helps to set a basic ‘ground rules’ for seeking Truth.  Yet, human race will continue to argue about What’s Truth till the end of the world. The essence remains, Truth is NOT to be simply argued and attained.  Truth is illusive for those who are not ‘enlightened’ and lack divine revelation. Many simply look at the colourful reflection of the Prism and jumping around to proclaim they got the Truth – or shall we say, they saw the colours; that’s all. ”

After I shared the Prism & Light analogy with Seng, we went on to discuss some other issues. One subject came to mind was why those who studied Philosophy tended to get lost in the woods. I explained to Seng that Philosophy could be just a mind’s game for those who are not initiated.  They simply thought of Philosophy as The Answer. But in reality, it is merely Full of Questions. One will never be enlightened by seeking questions, one could only be enriched with wisdom & faith. Not tempered well, Philosophy brings upon oneself the product of Frustration and Darkness. Because unknowingly the Light is being switched off!

Imaging that most people who are riding the rollercoaster with eyes closed. Many who seek Truth the same way.



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