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29 July 2011  FRI

Contributed by:  ERIC SOH


Here is a story related to me by a church mate.

He observes that to be a successful pastoral staff one must possess some kind of ‘positive energy’. Church goers would listen attentively and become loyal follower of pastoral staff who could emit strong positive energy.

The question is how such energy be gathered?  Some thought that such influential energies come from self-training.  Some would think that people are born with that.  Regardless, only positive energy creates the influence on people. Including pastoral phenomenon.  This friend of mine also observed that most traditional churches in town (The Lion City) are very lacking of ‘high-energy’ pastoral staff. According to him, this is because the traditional churches do not think that such energies come from God or Holy Spirit.

Anyway, people with ‘negative energy’ would turn others off and drive others nuts. The world needs more positive influence than negative talks. My friend also observed that those who kept pouring their own sorrows to others tend to lose their friends around them and eventually they build walls around themselves.  It is like pouring rubbish into dustbins, in this case pouring negative feelings, moods and pessimistic thoughts onto others. Nobody wants to be a dustbin. So, people run away from negative energy persons.

pastoral staff should learn about how to channel positive energy to their flock. Preaching is about bring people to know God and know Him better. Preaching is NOT about giving historical lessons from the Bible. But many pastoral staff learned about such ‘teaching’ approach from the seminary and become just teachers of biblical history. No wonder traditional churches are losing their flock and Mega churches are gaining souls.

Quote:  “If you don’t want to be a dustbin; then don’t make others your dustbins.”




Comments on: "Positive Energy Comes From God" (1)

  1. Whao, this is really a very concise and point-blank revelation.

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