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1st Aug 2011 MON

Commented by:   Kampong Kid

Recently two sports scenes in this part of the world show us the same ugly side of bad loser sportsmanship, though they are of different type of games.

The losers must take stock and accept the hard fact that others have the right to improve themselves much faster and have the right to beat a weaker team/competitor.

So, don’t blame the training regime or others, look at oneself and take a real hard look, admit that it’s too bad, this time round the competitors have improved much more than YOU!  Nobody should hold back their potential to excel and give chance to people who always love to win but shy away from personal responsibility.

As in the newspaper report for the case of a bad Singaporean loser in the recent Fina World Championships, her coach highlights a stunning fact of her training preference: “That the swimmer would only prefer short training regime than a tougher one.”  

Looks like even the sports arena in Singapore has started to go for expensive “instant noodle” sports lifestyle…?  Worse still, some may resort to the Blame Culture to save their own face. How would their coach and supporters feel? 

Singapore sports are not like that in the past… It’s hoped that the rest of the sporting games do not follow such Loser Mentality.

Blames the winner "play cheat"... !?

Blames training regime...



Comments on: "Blame Culture & Loser Mentality" (1)

  1. Ah Beng said:

    This Tao Li swim girl should apologize to her swim coach. I agree that it’s all her fault. She tried to take easy training regime BUT blame others for her poor performance. A wake up call for her.

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