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20 Aug 2011

Extracts of Article (TheEdge Singapore)

Commentary by:  Allan Scotts (Pastor & Theologian)

The article is about a great chef (Michelin 3 stars) Ferran Adria of Spain. He ran one of the most famous restaurant El Bulli which is hardest to book a table. It estimated receiving two million requests for the about 8,000 seats available in the six months it was opened each year.

Adria has just closed the El Bulli on 30th July 2011, moving on to create the El Bulli Foundation, a non-profit culinary creative think tank that will launch in 2014.

This is one character who dare to make changes and defies status quo. Yet, he is making changes that will create more meaning in what he’s been doing. yes, the essence is to create greater meaning for masses.

It is realized that the modern world don’t need philosophers.  In the old world, philosophers were needed to point out the right ways in slow-paced progress.  The Internet changed this. These days, some good philosophers teach in the university, and many half-baked philosophers (self-proclaimed) talking away their life. Instead of adding value to society, these half-baked idiots create more confusions rather than social values.

Ferran Adria proves himself a great chef yet within him, an equally good human philosopher. Fine cousins are just his platforms upon which, he delivers meaning to many…

Not only a chef...



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