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8th Sept 2011  Thur

Contributed by:   Joshua (pastoral)


I have a friend who’s studying his PhD in an elite US university said this to me recently,

“I just wondered and realized that there’s no way one could use plain language and logics to convince and make clear subjects such as Faith, God’s doing, and throw light onto divine topics.”  He went on, “Therefore it is important that we realize there’s no common language to explain fully God’s creation and Salvation….” 

I incline to agree with my friend on this. That’s the main reason why religions must introduce Ritual in order to “align” their believers mindset to such an extent where some form of “unified” actions are perceived to be the right way to endorse their faith and intra-religious communication.

Christians should take note of the three key elements mentioned in the Bible:  (1)  Faith, (2) Hope and, (3) Love.  Love is the foundation to reinforce Faith and continues to grow one’s Hope. There’s no need explicit languages or logics to explain Love. It’s completed through action.

Community services can do so much BUT it has to be gauged by the motive behind doing all this. Those that are “motivated” by personal motives/mindset should not be encouraged. NGOs are the best approach towards organising community services for the needed groups.  We heard some cases of churches that lost their head into meaningless activities externally and fail to “feed their flock of sheep”.  They become sorely driven by activities and not meaning.

In conclusion, pastoral meaning and its sacred calling become just another career (job) choice to some “career pastors”… Surprisingly, traditional churches are facing even tougher challenges.

There's Faith, Hope & Love....


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