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18 Sep 2011  SUN

Commentary by:  A Sideliner

A new swim coach was hired for Singapore national swimmer Tao Li, from the Singapore Swimming Club, reported by local news.  

Apparently the British coach Turner was smart enough to state well beforehand that, for Tao Li to be a hopeful medal winner in the 2012 London Olympics, the swimmer must improve her performance in the pool by 4% off her current low standard.   

A Very Long Shot indeed…

That’s to say, if Tao Li fails in her bid in the next Olympics, is mainly due to her performance. This is an intelligent statement, as observed by some. Because it’s well known by now that the swimmer never admit her own problems whenever she failed, instead she would blame others especially the training regime designed by coach.

With her current 50m Butterfly performance already sliding well below her competitors in the World Swimming Championships not long ago, some people do have reservation about whether the swimmer can achieve even harder challenge in the 100m Butterfly event, in 2012 London Olympics.  (As 50m Butterfly is not an Olympics approved event).  For the start, she needs to achieve below 57 sec. in the 100m Butterfly to be hopeful for an Olympics medal. That’s provided that others won’t improve theirs…


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