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Viva, Hu Ai Nee on Abercombie & Fitch

2nd Oct 2011 

Commentary on News Article  –  By Foreign Talent

The following is an extracts of news from Singapore local Chinese newspaper about criticism of Abercombie & Fitch fashion advertisement.

This journalist might have some sense...


Young reporters/journalists tend to be more courageous and dare to pinpoint some of the obvious issues in the society. And, it is quite clear that they can think.

This Hu Ai Nee (the journalist who wrote the above article) seems to correctly pointed out an obvious paradoxical mindset of Singaporeans (or the Lion City People), in which, people who live in this tiny island state prefer to think big and act small. The countrymen love to embrace big vision  but tend to move extremely cautious and being risk averse. there’s nothing wrong with that mentality per se. However, action upon such equation will inevitably create greater reliance on the government (to take risks).  Most people would eventually stop thinking critically but just to take a ride on the back of government.  Under the circumstances, can the society be truly creative and take big leap to pursue innovation?  

The advertisement of Abercombie & Fitch with a topless male body that attracted so much “constructive criticism” is testimony to the “See No Evil & Take No Risk” hard mentality that may not be a blessing to this small red dot in a sea change … era.  Can the Lion City people think?

Viva, Ms Hu.

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