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3rd Oct 2011

Contributed by:  Roadside AhBeng (Singapore)

YES, YAM CAN !  (A story about this guy named Yam in Singapore)

Wow, even after the Lion City State’s General Election in May this year, this guy who’s commonly known as the “robotic Yam” is still attracting all the local media watchers.

For many people who do not really know about Yam, might be thinking that he is just another civil servant trying to steal the show. The fact is, he’s everything BUT a rigid government man. According to people who really know him, Yam remains a very private person but he adapts well in different environment.

Yam has been very successful in his military career, left the service as Chief of Staff, Air Staff. This is a position that’s equivalent to the Air Force Chief of Staff as commonly referred to in the West.  Then he converted into Admin Service and served well in various senior position, including Chief Executive, Land Transport Authority.  Now as Chief Executive Director of People’s Association (PA), Yam has again shown his great adaptability to play the role of PA chief very well. Yes, Yam can.  Forget about his announcement of the general election poll results… that’s not him.

Yam is also a christian in faith.  He takes things very seriously all the time and yet he’s a good guy at heart. There’s this story about him in the old days(?), in which he used to maintain a primary school type of exercise book that detailed every single task he assigned to his officers. Whenever an officer was to face him, Yam would open that book and started to take stock of what’s done and what’s not.  Nobody was known to be able to evade or survive from Yam’s “account book” syndrome… if one didn’t pull his weight.  Just wonder Old Habit dies hard and there’s a chance that he might still be keeping such practice on the PA staff?

Yes, keep it up, Yam can.

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