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From Cannon To Exhaust Pipe

Story by:    Joshua  (Pastoral) 

Being bold or simply an idiot?

Recently I was told this very unique story by a friend.

He has a son who first graduated from Hong Kong University and subsequently went over to West Indy (near Central America) for his master’s degree in Philosophy. This young man (his name is Yan Kong) spent a total of two years overseas. Yan’s father (my friend) was shocked one day, to learnt that his son Yan returned home without completing his studies. The fact was Yan had failed in his submission of required papers for his studies, and he’s student status with the university was terminated. The only reason for his failure was he would only submit his work unless he deemed the paper he wrote had achieve greatness! For the outcome, the rest is history.

Upon his returned to Hong Kong, Yan continues to hang around with friends and in his father’s words, “doing f*** – off”. Apparently Yan has deeply indulged in his own sense of denial. He starts to display an attitude of “know all and high-up” sort of profiling as he deals with all people. He speaks full of philosophical enlightenment to people, waiting all the time for them to applause. Day by day, Yan lives his life in day dreaming.

Interestingly, people around him including his friends have decided on the same reaction, that is to play along with Yan’s self-fulfilling philosophical day-dreams. Everyone except Yan is part of the circus show. Yan is actually the “clown”. My friend asked me, “Why Yan could turn himself into such a state of affair?”.

My answer to him was straight to the point, “Even a cannon could turn into a car exhaust pipe if only it could only blows hot air and makes loud noise… nothing useful but just waste gases.”  Yan is a typical example of an educated idiot. The term means, the rightful effect of good education may produce an idiot true and true, sometimes. In learning process, one can train his own mind to think completely out of this world yet he calls it philosophy or logic. He starts to preach his own sets of philosophical ideas to people and telling others how to live their life.  Ironically, such an educated idiot’s “logic” is embedded completely in a form of language (if you were to call it that way) that’s different from human languages. Scary, right?

The final question my friend asked me, “Then, how am i going to pull Yan out of this dire state?”.

I did not leave any direct answer for my friend. That sounds cruel. But on the contrary I said to Yan’s father, “Don’t bend the rules for Yan. He has to be beaten badly on his own game before he can think in the human languages again.” Because this is not a case of mental illness, but a process of “self-taught” idiotic transformation he values.  No motivational means or psychiatrist could solve Yan’s problem.  Ironically, it’s not a problem per se, but a self-constructed altar bigger than the world in which Yan sits on…

Before my friend took leave after the conversation, I said to him calmly, “Bring Yan to church.”. He seemed to get the message.  I hope so.

Big exhaust...


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