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8th Oct 2011

Contributed by:   Ian Peterson Flaming

I have had a friend Frederique till today… up to this afternoon, and then lost him forever when the news was announced.

The beautiful sound of the church bell which Frederique belonged would remain silent till the final moment when he passed on … today.  He died at age 59.

Frederique was a dedicated person who served whole-heartedly at his church nearly 30 years.  He specialized in maintaining the church’s hi-fi system during Sunday service.  He had special talent in ringing the church bell hanging high up in the bell tower.  Whenever he rang the bell, the beautiful sound of the bell flew far into the nearby community…

So, when a life (and soul) has passed on, we pay tribute and hold our heart in silent.  My friend Frederique has gone… goodby my friend.  Goodbye.

We hold our heart and say Goodbye...

Life has many faces.  Frederique will be remembered by his family and friends as a good man who lived his life in simple way with no materialistic show-off.  He maintained his family in good shape and provided all the needs.  His life is a piece of white paper in which his family members could paint out something meaningful for them.  Life is meaningful not because whether we are super rich or just a trash picker.  Life is meaningful because of relationships, faith and thoughts.

The only regret in which Frederique had would be, he would not be able to watch over his shoulder his youngest daughter going to university education and to graduate.  But that will be taken care of by what he had left for the family –  His love for them.


Just look at some pictures of life:  Tee-off, Money and Trash.  Each has their own meaning… to the owner.

Some lucky blokes always at the Tee-off

Some use money to mask their life

Some live tough life but they have hope


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