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16th October 2011   SUN

Contributed by:  Church Goer  (Hong Kong)

“We could recognise Truth from other religions such as Buddhism, etc. and able to accept Truth from within the other religions.”.

Is this the case? Then why would Jesus told his disciples “I am the Truth, the Way and Life”? If there are so many other alternatives?

That’s precisely the danger of abusing God’s Truth for ones own message and intention. This is even more confusing when a church leader starts pushing this message of “Universal Truth” just to explain his ground for earthy affairs or community activities. It ends up everything is for universal truth including faith. That’s to say, Jesus, Mohamed and Buddha are of the same Truth! So, using the marketing jargons, this is merely about branding and differentiation…!

Religion, under certain circumstances will end up just a tool for explaining human desire.

When Pope John Paul II apologized to Muslims about the war of Crusaders, he was merely apologized for the cruelty act but no for his faith. To accept that we could also find Truth from other sources is amounting to apologize for our faith. AMEN.


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