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This is the follow-up of the most broadcasted toddler accident case in Southern China city.  (Read the related article posted on this blog on 19 October 2011).

The following CCTV captured picture clearly showed the van was charging at the toddler (just seconds before she was knocked down).  Another picture showed one of the 18 passes-by who deliberately ignored the injured toddler lying on the ground!!!

Each time when such immoral cases happened in China, the public media would criticized the society as a whole.  However, after a while everyone will forget and such things happen again and again… but in different forms. Such as, poisoned food, poisoned milk powder, hit & run (by vehicle), etc. etc.  So the question is, will the (mainland Chinese) society change for the better?  Apparently all good stuff of the Chinese long-lasting culture was completely destroyed in the infamous Cultural revolution.


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