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19th October 2011

Interesting News Extracts (China)

Is China's moral structure collapsing?

A 2 years old girl on a street was knocked down by a van in Guangzhou city, China.  But instead of stopping the vehicle to check, the van driver just drove off. His reason for doing so was “Of course i had to run off, after knocking down someone…”!   Then another truck drove pass the place and again, went over the injured girl!  As if nothing had happened.

Worse still, with the poor little girl lying half-dead on the street in bright day light, at least 18 passes-by pretended that they didn’t see her!  These people just walked past the injured girl without showing any concern. The whole tragedy was captured by a CCTV camera high up on the street corner.  Finally an old lady who was on her round (rubbish picker) saw the girl and pulled her to the side of the street and shouted for help. When the stunning scene was shown on the news TV, the whole country turned concern. 

Is this the China we already knew? 


Disable but remains stoic and determined

Stoic & Determined

There’s this old man in the northeastern province of China who has been disabled by an accident but remains stoic and determined.  both his hands were left with only the index finger could still move, but he spent the past 10 years practicing Chinese calligraphy font style while bagging on the street.  Now this guy has been identified by a commercial company for his unique style of Chinese font writing, paying him good money to develop such font style for prints and media usage. 

Is this China we already knew?



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