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20 October, 2011  THUR

Contributed by:   Joshua  (pastoral)

Why Exhaust Pipe Can’t Revert Back to Cannon? Unless…

After the last conversation with my friend about the subject of his son Yan Kong (refers to another article in this blog dated 7 Oct 2011), I was so intrigue by the syndrome of self-professed philosopher, in which many young men like to emulate some great guys out there.

Someone asked me, “Would an exhaust pipe” (i.e. in our analogy it’s a useless self-professed philosopher) capable of reverting itself back to be a more useful “Cannon” (i.e. with real substance)?

My answer to the person was, “It’s almost an impossible task… at best, the so-called Exhaust Pipe may just aggravate itself into a bigger one, a giant Pipe!”  In which, louder noise and more irritating…

Why is that so? Why can’t the self-professed idiot reverting himself back to useful and meaningful logical piece of mind? The reason being that the structure of car exhaust system is fundamentally different from the cannon. The car exhaust pipe system is a bundle of twisted (looks very distorted) manifold pipes put together at the front end from an engine and then it is extended all the way back to the rear of the car and puffs hot air through the tail pipe.  Oh yes, and makes loud noises to be apparent. Now, just imagine that human thought process is being “pumped” through such a similar system?  The end result in which will be very distorted of course.

So, in order to correct a self-professed guy, it is not to put him through even more sophisticated remedial programs or institutes of higher learning.  “Distortion being enhanced will only make it a gigantic distortion!”  There’s no such thing as self-correction under the circumstances.

To revert a loud car exhaust pipe back to a cannon; the only way viable is to destroy & rebuild. That is to say, the exhaust pipe must be melted down completely and then, taking a new process of molding a cannon. The end result of this approach will see a cannon, at last.

Also, I learned from the father of Yan Kong (who’s turned into an exhaust pipe) that his son has been mingling with friends and talk philosophy.  This is a syndrome of trying to line up as many exhaust pipes as possible, to create a Big Bang!  The problem with them is that, they thought so long as more people are involved in talking some meaningless philosophy, truth will prevail…  In fact, on the contrary, the only truth is the Police will come, because of hot air and polluted noises!

Maybe, just maybe, this guy Yan Kong will be re-molded one day…. but not until he’s completely destroyed. first.

More noise does not equal to power...


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