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The wilderness of the Mind

24th Oct 2011  Mon

Special Topic Extracts from news article


The extracted article above sounds interesting enough for readers to briefly understand how human bias and held perception could greatly influence people’s thinking.  And hence, the way they view the world.

I have a friend whose son (by the name of Yan Kong) is one person who loves to talk philosophy with people around him.  The problem is not about philosophy per se, the real trouble is with himself.  This young guy who only learned the very surface of philosophical theories and started to behave like a professor, or rightly, in his own proclamation, he’s a philosopher.

So, those with good knowledge of him soon start to realize that Yan Kong is cooking up his own philosophy to fit into his own bias of his mind’s game.  Gradually, Yan builds a strange dream of his own and eventually he moves into this dream in the wilderness.

The last time I heard about him, was that he (Yan) was seeking true happiness and he would live life without taking into consideration what others have to say and think… at all.

—  Joshua

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