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26th Oct 2011

Contributed by:   Joshua (Pastoral)

Red Chair Syndrome – A Mind Game

There’s this special syndrome that many people are involved but yet unconscious about it.  It is the Red Chair Syndrome.

A red chair in a room normally signifies a special status of the person who’s sitting on it.  A few conditions apply to the Red Chair Syndrome, in relation to human behavioral responses in such circumstances:

(1)  One who think that he’s really fantastic but really it isn’t.

(2)  One who likes to be paid special attention all the time, using up others precious time or resources.

(3)  One who loves to exercise power over others; physical or mind.

(4)  One who thinks he’s born to enjoy privileges at all time and he’s always right.

(5)  One who seldom remains calm & collected.

(6) etc., etc.

From time to time in our life we may be sitting on a Red Chair without a clear knowledge of our situation.  Hence, people could change from one state of mind to another unconsciously.  The more important aspect of self-check is to ask ourself, “Am I sitting on a Red Chair?”

It feels good when we sit on a Red Chair.  But, if we generally do not belong to the seat, the eventual outcome can be disappointing and frustrating, worse still, may end up just another piece of S**t! Or an rusty exhaust pipe… (i.e. full of noises).

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