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28th Oct 2011  FRI

Interesting news extracts   (By Roadside Observer)

(1)  Copy-cat Show.  My friend from China just told me that this Lion city’s Chingay 2012 public show / performance is an outright copy-cat of China’s “Legend of West Lake”.  The Legend of West Lake is one of the most popular water surface performance being held daily at Hangzhou West Lake site.  This sets people thinking about whether this is creativity or just copy-cat? Worse still, if it is just a cheap copy-cat at best.

This Chingay runs out of good ideas?


(2)  Who’s Next?  Korea is the one goes after the footstep of Taiwan, over time the country produces too many graduates and ends up 40% of fresh graduates couldn’t find a job!  In Taiwan, many graduates are taking jobs such as, cab driver, sales girl, food-stall keeper, delivery man, tuition, construction worker, waiter/waitress, ticketing staff etc, etc.

The interesting question is:  Who’s Next?  Some of my friends guess that it could be Singapore, a matter of time.  Too many private schools are churning (yes, it’s the right word) out all sorts of Graduate Products… Watch Out.



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