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Life Is The Reflection of…

29th October 2011  SAT

Article extracted from newspaper

with special commentary by Joshua (Pastoral)

Life Is The Reflection of…

The combination of the 3 + 1 elements makes up entire reflections of Life.  They are, boredom, Character, Diversity (the three basic ingredients) plus, Faith.

There’s about 90% of all human live life in boredom, sticking through same environment, same job, same circle of friends, same topics, same community etc. the whole life.  They never done anything extraordinary or adventurous.

There’s about 5% of people who live life with diversity and explore many new frontiers that come along their path.  They open windows of opportunities and seize them.

There’s this 5% of idiots live life with their stubborn character and sitting on the Red Chair (read Red Chair Syndrome posted in this blog) doing their “business” as they wish and thinking that they are more right than others, all the time.

Now, you may start this interesting exercise. Group your friends and people you know into the above three types of Life Reflections and ask yourself as well, which one you are in?

Life is also a choice… first, before it turns into reflections.  When that happens, it becomes history.

Last but not least, Faith make us closer to God, and embrace Hope.

Appended below an article published in NY Times & ST

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