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31st October 2011  MON

Special Dialogue by:  Joshua  & His Friend

Many are just fake jingsen ...


In Asia, this stuff called Jingsen signifies great “value” for life. It’s just roots growing at high altitude mountains but believed to be a great tonic for reviving life.

Everything that is perceived to be of great value would be replicated by human.  Including Jingsen of course. Not all Jingsen are taken from high-altitude mountains these days, many are just “home-grown” in the farm. Worse still, many are just something similar in shape but normal roots.  These are the Fake.

One day my friend came to update me about his son Yan Kong. (readers could find a few more articles on this Yan Kong personality on this blog, e.g. Why Exhaust Pipe Could Not Revert Back To Cannon…).

My friend told me that his son Yan has developed a few new symptoms lately, he went on to explain to me what he actually means,

–   Yan tends to wake up in the morning and claiming that life is meaningless and he’s struggling along;

–   Yan has this new girlfriend he goes out with (very often) but he kept saying he doesn’t like the girl;

–   Yan has reinforced his belief that he’s destined to do big thing and he’s different from the rest;

I have to stop my friend from going on and on about his son Yan.  I asked him a point-blank question, “So who you think has screwed up Yan’s life?”

My friend tried searching for good explanation but finally he relented, “I think it’s his grand-ma….” I followed the lead and pushed for more, “Then? What did Yan’s grand-ma does to create such an idiot?”

The story was, since Yan was a child he was taken care off (and lived with) by his grand-ma.  His grand-ma used to bow down to Yan when she interacts with her grand son, showing the gesture of serving a “prince”.  Even till today, the Grand-ma continues with this “time-honoured” practice.

I told my friend, “The whole trouble started with your mother treating your son Yan like a prince. In other words, she make Yan believe in himself that he’s a genuine high-altitude born Jingsen!  In reality, you son is merely a fake. So this thing just went on and on…”

Be it in the farm or in the mountain, Jingsen cannot think and decide for itself whether to be genuine or fake ones.  But humans are different, we can be made (conditioned) to believe in a myth even we are not.  An idiot can be persuaded and conditioned to utterly believe that he’s really an genius after a consistent form of molding, either by system or another human. It’s a dire case.

My friend stared blankly into my eye and seek for a confirmation, with sense of guilt. I replied blatantly, of no choice though, “Yes, friend. He’s just another fake.  God bless.”  With that, I leaved him in deep thought… but I have to leave.  Then I moved away and headed straight for my favorite Wan-tan noodle shop, just few blocks down the street.

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