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News Extract from Singapore

By:  Roadside Observer

The Internet blog Singaporenewsalternative has this report about Singapore construction company bosses using their employed workers to bet at the casino in Sentosa.  If they lose, there goes their wages.

This is a bad deal for the workers involved.  Anyway, I don’t think the number of such cases is a lot.  These bosses should be dealt with seriously by the relevant authority. These are the lowest grade of gamblers without conscience.

Also, it is unlikely that these bosses would allow their proxy to bet with high stakes on table games (e.g. Baccarat, Blackjack etc.).  Most probably it could be the “syndicated” group behaviour – bettors who regularly track on casino’s mega Jackpot bonus prizes and try to anticipate the next payout.  Hence, they are betting on slots (jackpot machines) and not on table games.



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