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5th Nov 2011  SAT

Interesting News Extracts (Singapore & Taiwan)

By:   roadside Observer

(1)  & (2)  DNA, Chinese Emperor and How To Listen

There are two topics been discussed in the above news reporting. One being the popular subject of DNA’s influence on individuals and the other, most talk-about subject in town (i.e. in Singapore) originally raised by the opposition party’s parliament member (Chen S M).

On the DNA side, there’s nothing new about how we are all influenced by our parents’ DNA etc.  The more relevant question is to what extent the human society political and social structure as well as government policies be influenced by DNA outcome?

On the second subject, is about Singapore recent parliament debates on “Tang Dynasty emperor & Court Officials” stuff. As according to coffee shop gossip many people are rather confused with the essence of the story quoted by this gentleman Chen S M who’s the opposition party member in parliament.  Anyway, none is the wiser.  Modern political systems are hardly the same nature being played out, like the ancient Chinese court incidents.  In those time, they don’t have effective public media platforms such as Internet, iPhone (or iPad) and the stock market to learn about social-economic impact derived from political decisions. In those days, both emperor and people were basing on personal preferences and cultural norms for their actions.

We are already a very different breed of human being evolved from the past. Guess what? Technologies influence our DNA (via medical & health, learning process,  extraordinary tools, new discoveries on earth & space, challenge the nature, living pace/speed etc.) and future generations! 

(3)   “Sending Away God”   (Taiwan ritual)

In Taiwan, there’s this unique ritual of “sending-away god” near the seaside. What they would do is to burn down a whole wooden ship at the shore to signify safe passage/journey out to the sea, for all who base their living on sea (i.e. fishermen etc.)

Such spiritual ritual provides those who witness the event tremendous emotional hype and hope.  In daily life of modern society people still in need of such “ritual” of burning their psychological ship/boat to feel safe and comfortable (but at the expense of others).  That’s how some people express their emotional stuff to friends and relatives non-stop, just like pouring out their burnt rubbish to sea…  on every moment when they are awake!

Some people need to burn their ship every day.... to be witnessed


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