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News commentary by:  Roadside Observer

Singapore News.  Casinos always love to “advertise” dispute(s) publicly so that such juicy stories can be spread wider and heard.

The recent dispute about the case of a Singaporean jackpot winner been denied the cash bonus has become the Talk-of-the Town. many are intrigued by the story and wanted to find out more… after some twist & turns, “good guy wins…” kind of encouraging ending. Yet, the media has unknowingly created a gambling hero image … at the expense of public interest.

Obviously many would be tempted to go to casino and try to personally experience the excitement and if they could also win the big cash bonus.  (If this woman could, Yes, We Can!). 

It is obvious because Singapore casinos are NOT allowed to advertise for its gambling products, by law. So, the only way to entice public to try their luck will be to “create” disputes / stories yet sending clear message (of Yes, You Can) to potential gamblers and households.  Smart  marketing strategy. 

It is exactly in the intention of casino in that, the way Singapore local journalists write about the disputed case (jackpot) on public media tends to make it looks as positive as if it is a common business dispute;  making people forget about the core subject matter, that this is gambling dispute / money.  So the story turns out to be very “encouraging” indeed, at least for the hopeful people who are prone to gambling habit. And hence, the reported story generates more hopefuls to be Jackpot Queens & Kings…

Singapore’s Problem-gambling Prevention Council has to keep an eye on this trend.

"Yes, You Can!" ; so does everyone...


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