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11th Nov 2011  FRI

By:   Kay Poh

Watchers & Exhibitionists

This interesting photo was shared with me by a Singaporean friend who found it very funny yet it is part of reality.  Apparently beach goers (women) in bikini are complaining about being stared at by foreign workers at the Sentosa resort beach.

A matter of "if you show them, they would see them."

The way i look at this funny incident, these women should not complaint about being stared at by foreign workers while they are sun-bathing on Sentosa beach, Republic of Singapore.

Assuming that the women (in bikini on the beach) were stared at by good-looking men or tycoons, we are sure that they would not complaint.  So, why they picked on those foreign workers? They are human too.

Therefore, the relevant question we should ask, is What’s the true intention of these sun-bathing women? Self-entertainment on a public place?

In Singapore, there are a million or so foreign talents/workers under employment on the small city-state.  On weekends, either they go to the Integrated Resort casinos, shopping malls or the popular Sentosa beaches.  Those foreign talents are better paid and most likely they would enjoy themself at an air-conditioning place with nice meal, great drinks and nice music.  Those you see on the picture above, the only luxury they could enjoy are fresh air, sunny sky and beaches.  Maybe they could still enjoy a few bottles of water at the casinos, without paying the entrance levy.  Now these foreign workers have come to notice that there is more to the nice beaches on Sentosa; at times there are women to watch.

Can you blame them?  I don’t think so. Anyone who may think of this, that those poor foreign workers have to look because of no choice!?

Foreign talents, foreign workers and beach goers should accept each other and achieve harmony, according to my friend.  This is reality.



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