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12th Nov 2011

Commentary by:  Roadside Observer

While The Press Medias Singing Praises…

With the twist and turn storyline reported by the Singapore press medias, the jackpot winnings dispute in Marina Bay Sands has come to a closure. 

The Lion City’s local newspapers continue to sing praises for the jackpot winner who was “the victim” in the episode against “big bad bully” Marina Bay Sands; the jackpot winner was cited as having great courage and determination to go against big odds and prevails.  Best of it, charity was involved. In this case illustration, a modern Robin Hood was created as a role model for Singaporeans.

Objectively speaking, there’s nothing wrong with the jackpot winner and indeed she is very generous to donate 72% of her cash bonus (S$300,000 out of S$416,000) to charity organizations. A great PR act and satisfaction.

Food for thought…

Singapore casinos should learn a good lesson from this disputed case...


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