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13th Nov 2011  SUN

By:  Joshua  (pastoral)

Why The Winner Is Angry Bird?

My friend recently came to me, sadly declared that the subject of Philosophy is dead.

I am not surprised at all.  For decades event the western societies have shy away from discussing philosophy, to reflect on their social-political as well as economic landscape.

The western societies as a whole, had move away from such nostalgia topic called philosophy.  It is Wall Street, hedge funds, mutual funds, money market that rule the world and of course, all societies in the west.

Philosophy carries the notion of mind could save the world… which is not the case in this era. Angry Bird (most popular smart phone & tablet game) might be more influential than philosophy per se.

Philosophy ends up like the black Rhino in Africa continent.  It’s population is shrinking drastically.  In the past, philosophy taught human how to think… and behave; now, Apple, Android and Windows are teaching new human race how to live their life.

However, all will come to nothing when the “Judgement day” nears.  Psalm 37:7 reveals the ultimate value of waiting for Lord to come.

But for my friend’s son Yan Kong (read other posts on this blog about the character), he remains overly indulged in his philosophical dreams to save the world… He should play more Angry Bird game.  Otherwise, Yan is soon to be a black Rhino – extinction !


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