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14th Nov 2011  MON

By:   Joshua  (Pastoral)

Why Change Is So Difficult?

My friends used to reflect about the subject of change.  All are agreeable to the notion that Change is difficult indeed, through their life experiences.

I remember several years ago I discussed the topic with another friend whose son was a fanatic about philosophy.  It was a winter morning in the park.  I shared with this friend of mine on the conditions in which how Change could take place under certain environment.

First and foremost, for Change to take effect in human society or one’s life, the following conditions must be adhered to,

(1)  Knowledge acquisition.  Once the learning process of general society been altered, be it in school system, community activities, classes, etc.  People will start to alter the way they pick, choose and store knowledge they acquire.  The underlying changes can be swift and wide-spread.  Steve Jobs’ Apple products are classic example of how learning process being altered through the use of creative platform.  The whole idea & notion of how we learn (acquire) things will shape the way we respond to new knowledge and new ideas.  Different responses to things we acquire/learn definitely change our notions and action (behaviour).

(2)  Behaviour Change.  Behavioural change reinforce the way we acquire/learn things (knowledge) through the cycle of learn-do-think.  The driver is Learn comes first, then Trial and gradually establish a Pattern.

(3)  Perception.   The hardest part of change is how we perceive things.  Even with behavioural change it can be only for short-term. People tend to change their behaviour in short-term due to some triggers and then revert back to same old style. Only when a person’s perception changes, then behaviour will be driven by perception and be sustained.

To summarize, change is not instance. Or rather, serious change is not sustainable without going through the above cycle:  Learn-Behave-Perceive.

God bless those who aspire to change for the good.

Think & perceive differently before change can take place


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