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15th Nov 2011  Tue

commentary by:  Joshua  (Pastoral)

Why People & Societies Love Complexity?

It is because human societies believe in the notion of All Problems Can Be Solved.

I agree with What Robert Samuelson’s recent article about the fact that, “Not all problems can be solved”.  In particular, why is that so?

It is because some problems could only be eliminated temporary and at later dates, come back to haunt us again… history has shown us this is true. So, we don’t really kill problems, we merely sidestep or switch them off for the time being; and later, someone will Switch them On again.  This is so, for two most prominent issues that have been confronting human race throughout – War and Economics.

Therefore, we never able to achieve a state of constant in keeping peace on earth; as well as we can never solve financial sector (or capital market) problems once and for all.  recurrence of these same issues is the constant indeed.  In such rolling cycles, at times, destruction is the only solution and fix.  But arising from it, new cycle begins and new lives and discoveries are introduced to earth.  Even in the Universe, new stars are born and old stars die… That’s what the Chinese ancient philosophers called it – The Flow.

So, a certain percentage of US home mortgages lost in their asset value but, new immigrants who has the cash will gain from the situation. The current lot of US people have to tighten up their consumption and start to save up again… goods and services must remain low pricing in order that the same lot of people could still spend.  It’s a paradoxical problem.

Churches are in paradoxical times throughout history.  Church needs people and so do people also need the Church. Pastoral staff should only care for one simple yet fundamentally important issue – “Feed my sheep” just as Jesus had enlightened Peter 2,000 years ago.  This clear message was again reflected in 1 Peter 5:2, “Feed the flock of God…”.   Some pastoral staff tend to translate the abovementioned key message into all kinds of activity-based social events. At times, things get too complex and lost its essence.

Maybe, to be patient is a better solution.  Simplicity in approaching Church’s mission is like matching curry with plain rice.  The essence of input for growth remains in tag.  Economic growth is likewise.  Today’s global economic landscape has been the input of past actions, most were complex financial products coupled with stupidity, that even Nobel Economic Prize winners could not apprehend fully.  Leverage on debt is one such formula that fit into the destructive cycles, that moves global economy.

Curry and economy are compatible, indeed.


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