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18th Nov 2011  FRI

Controversial Advertisement & Charged Brain

By:  Songjiang the Shanzai version

The brand United Colours of Benetton is well-known for coming up with highly controversial advertisement attracting society view with controversal message, and at the same time set people thinking.

Here’s are some of the ads produced by United Colours of Benetton, including the latest one showing President Hu & Obama.

How do controversial messages and images influence human brain-wave and thinking?  Do people take in more information when confronted by controversial messages/images?  In modern era most advertising agencies are going for extreme and sometimes, controversial approach to their media production ideas.  The results? Some of these ads do win prizes/awards in the advertising industry.

The reality is that an advertisement’s effectiveness and impact to targeted (or untargeted) market is not necessary judged by award winning.  The influence by using controversial message/image tends to last a longer time through gradual acceptance of these messages/images. Initially the image may cause some unease in human mind but over time, our rejection to such controversial images may “relax” and let it through, into our logics.

One thing for sure, cetain industries need controversial messages/images/events. These are the Movie industry, F1 Race, celebrity gossip, entertainment and, don’t be shocked, scientific discoveries.

By the way, Mao did this long ago in China (before United Colours of Benetton) to regain his control over the masses.  Remember the Cultural Revolution? It’s about controversy in all aspects!



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