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18th Nov 2011  FRI

News commentary by:  Roadside Observer

Some Younger Generation Guys Have Brain But Insensitive About Morality & Harmony

This news extract was published in the local newspaper of Lion City state.

Apparently one of the youth wing members of the ruling political party made very nasty comment about a group of school kids in a school bus…  He labeled these school kids (Muslim) as terrorist trainees!!!  Imaging the impact of his open view been posted online?!  Making such a racist view publicly is not a case of slip of his tongue.

Good thing that the whole world “jumped” at this ill-mental personality and corrected his wrong perception.

The question is not how wrong this person’s mentality but, how could this young guy think along that way in a harmonious society coupled with excellent education system?  Is good to know more background story about this guy’s development of personality through in depth investigation…

A bus of terrorist trainees? What kind of person would think that way?!


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