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19th Nov 2011  SAT

Commentary by:  Songjiang (of Shanzai Breeze)



Mental Illness & Obsessive Attitude – Disorder & Discontented


My friend told me about his friend’s son who is behaving like an idiot yet, sounds like a philosopher. Such case is rare because an idiot remains an idiotic personality and hence, could not express well in philosophical subjects.

My pastor friend explained to me the ironic consequences of his friend’s case, involving his son by the name of Yan Kong.  (Readers may search for several of blog posts on this blog in relation to this guy). Apparently Yan Kong had studied philosophy as a major in his undergraduate degree course. He went for his post-graduate studies in philosophy overseas but to the surprise of his father and friends, Yan failed his program. Since then, Yan has been behaving like a full-fledged philosopher in all aspects of his life. He even refuses to work a single day in his life yet, boasts about saving the world with his philosophical ideas. He truly views himself as Superman reincarnated – albeit in the form of a philosophical guru who had thought through everything in life.

After hearing from my pastor friend about this unique story, I immediately link this symptom with another piece of information I just received from a friend who sent me. Read below, the Lion City State reports that about close to 10% of its population are having some form of mental illness and most of the patients refuse to be treated by doctor. The percentage (of mental illness) has come to the same as Japan and China. And, potentially 12% of its population may be inflicted with some forms of mental illness in their life time.

Extract of Lion City news

The Lion City news report also mentioned that of those who are having mental illness, 2/3 of them belong to Major Depressive  Disorder, 1/3 of them Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and next is Alcohol Abuse cases.
I would link Yan Kong’s case to be similar to the Major Depressive Disorder coupled with, what i coin it as Superman Obsessive Disorder (SOD)! In brief, such personality not only driven by deep depression in his soul (always feeling empty) but at different time intervals he/she would self-bloated into statue of a hero kind of half-man, half-God mindset! Put it simply, such double disorder mix creates a personality in a deep well, looking up the rounded opening and proclaims, “Let me save the world”.  Next moment, the same person will cry out loud, “Why all of you abandon me?”.  Such case is the rare reflection of disorder-discontented mix.

This story reminds all of us to spare some deep thoughts over many things happening around us in life.  Just don’t get carried away and take things for granted and hence, preventing from any form of disorder… Just be a truthful man lives life to the fullest.

Amen.  (from my pastor friend).



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