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21st Nov 2011   Mon

Commentary by:   Alongso Presley

It Is perfectly In Order When One Has A Clear-mind

I read the blogpost “Disorder & Discontented” on this Faithful Thoughts and find it quite amusing really.  This character of Yan Kong really funny (upon reading more about this idiotic personality).  I wonder, if this is a real-life character then I have to take my hat off.  This guy (Yan) is a ****ing Joker + Disordered Man mix for sure.  (Or the SOD like Songjiang mentioned in his wonderful blogpost). Maybe, just maybe he may become a philosopher one day?  (I am just joking…)

Anyway, I can’t write long stories so instead I just extracted some information on Mental Disorder as well as “highway” disorder for the blog readers… enjoy.

How not to become Disorder when housing prices, inflationary pressure, lack money to retire are in "a straight line"?

There are many types of "Thick Fog" in one's life time... including nations. Euro Zone seems to enter thick fog. i.e. Can't see clearly ahead...


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