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23rd Nov 2011  Wed

By:    Joshua   (Pastoral, HK)

Common Leadership Qualities Between The Shepherds & Leaders

Here I refer to the shepherds of God’s flock and what we used to know about leaders in human societies.

Both the leaders of men are focusing on very different nature of their mission, one is towards the kingdom of God and the other, earthy gains. But, both leaders shares common leadership traits, namely, passion, goal-oriented, confidence, knowledge & skills, self-discipline (set example) and staying in front of their flock/followers.

Leaders are like the prime-movers.  When the prime-mover stops, train will stop.

In modern society, some church leaders have forgotten the most basic quality (or so to speak, demand) of a leader is to stay in front and lead. Yes, leader must lead. If leaders fail to lead, the authority (both legitimate & moral) associated with a leader is lost.  But, some church leaders don’t seem to understand that.

These so-called “CEO-like” church leaders only wish to delegate tasks to their ministries and then layoff, simply wait for the “harvest time”.  This is not appropriate example of good shepherds who seek out their lost sheep in the middle of the night. What would be the ending of such CEO-pastoral staff?  In the Bible, Ezekiel 34:10 god made it very clear about the ending of CEO-shepherds!

I have a friend in a city church who told me that his church has been running the Disciples training for all church members for years. (Such training is common in traditional churches).  However, in this particular case, such weekly training ends up just a group chit-chat (talk rots) & tea session without much focus on proper teaching of biblical essence.  Pastoral staff leading the session just go-throu-the motion without thorough preparation. This is no different from “monkey see-monkey do”  kind of mental retreats.

Leaders must lead their people and shepherds must lead their flock.

If the prime-mover not leading in front, the outcome is wait... and wait.


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