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24th Nov 2011  Thur

Commentary on TV Documentary Story by a Japanese TV Station

Life In The Himalayas Mountain Range

There’s a Chinese tribe living for centuries in the mountain range of the Himalayas.  A team of Japanese TV station crew went in to investigate and produced a stunning documentary showing life of these people. Just a few key elements for readers to take note, how tough these people living near the mountain range village in the Himalayas…

  • Primitive living standards, worse than the farmers in mainland China area.
  • Need to travel >50 km out of the mountain range through treacherous trail/path to a small town to replenish supplies.  It takes 3 days one way.
  • Many people (& horses) fell over the cliff and dead. Yet the men of the village take it as normal in life.
  • When their wife wants a washing machine, the husband has to carry it back through the mountain trial! After he purchases from the small town. If the husband falls over the cliff, gone his life together with the washing machine.
  • Weather up at the mountain trail changes fast and unpredictable. The men & horses have to climb up to a mountain peak of 5,000m and down following the trail.

iPhone and iPac? Black Friday? You must be joking!

The tribe people express no regret about life’s unfairness what so ever, when interviewed by the TV crew.  At end of each trip to and flow from the small town for acquisition of supplies, these people express their happiness with their family. And they set forth for yet another trip in two weeks time. That’s their life cycle.

To these people, there is NO Need for Happiness index, my friend.  So why argue for something meaningless in real life scenarios?

The pictures tell a thousand words…

Life in the Himalayas


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