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28th Nov 2011  MON

Contributed by:  Joshua  (Pastoral, HK)

Recently my church mates were arguing on this long-time issue – if all christians will be salvaged and resurrected eventually, is there a meaning for some christians who live life to a high standard of christianity; as compared to many (so-called) christians who just live life “as usual”?

People who ask this question are based on the following human rationale:

–  that if all christians will ultimately be salvaged in God’s blessing and grace, it seems “unfair” for those who live life more christian-like.
–  why many christians remain selfish yet could received same glory? (at the end).
–  why some christians attend their Sunday service perpetually late and “nothing happen to them”?
–  why some pastoral staff fail to lead their flock properly and still remain in position? Doesn’t God punish them?
–  why some christians never bother about caring others and remain superficial; yet fairness not prevail?
–  why some christians holding elder/deacon duty yet never bother to lead by good example, for instance, refuse to attend church’s prayer session? (they say, do it at home is the same).  Yet they will receive salvation?

The list of questions will go on…

First and foremost, let me share with all what Salvation and God’s “fairness” is based upon, in biblical essence, please read them.

•  God’s Wisdom beyond our apprehension.   Romans 11:33
•  Salvation that comes from trusting Christ.  Romans 10:8
•  The attitude in waiting for Christ’s return.   Psalm 37:7
•  Role of pastoral.  1 Peter 5:2  and, 1 Peter 5:3   Leadership by example.
•  Bad Shepherds and the outcome.   Ezekiel 34:10 

When we read the above content, we should constantly seek God’s wisdom and coupled with patience.  Most importantly we have to learn to submit under His authority; and then we would understand “fairness” remains to be judged in God’s overall scheme (of plans).

What we christians live life on earth is just a journey in waiting.  So, it is meaningless to ask (actually, demand) God for  explanation of all the above earthy encounters.  Because these stuff have nothing to do with salvation.

So, when my church friend told me this story about a choir director who served his church for nearly 30 years and, when come old age the director is down with sever dementia.  The family kept asking (the God) why?  I replied my friend, “They still missing  the point”.   And the point is in 2 Corinthians 8:15  –  “… those who gathered a lot had nothing left over, and those who gathered only a little had enough.”



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