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1st Dec 2011  Thur

Commentary by:   Joshua  (Pastoral, HK)

Simple But Great Blessing

This was reported in the news.  A simple but creative idea benefits millions of people, in Manila, Philippines.

The idea was developed by Amy Smith from MIT, United State.  It is to use empty mineral water plastic bottles, adds with clear water + whitewash and turns it into a “Solar Light Bottle” during the day.  The water-bottle device is to be fitted on roof ceiling. When sunlight shines through the water-filled bottle, light is amplified and brightens up in the small hut.  This idea has been implemented by an entrepreneur in Manila for near one million homes.

So poor Filipino families could also enjoy light in their small hut/room without electricity.

After reading the news, I am rather touched by the MIT creator of this simple device and the Filipino entrepreneur who carries out the project (of installing the bottle device) for so many families in Manila. Both of them “give” light to the people.

But it is God provides the True Light for His created world.

"Give me light...and be my light."


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