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5th Dec 2011   MON

Contributed by:   Roadside Observer

The Naked Side of Human Mindset

China is full of nonsense and lessons for us to learn from.

The latest syndrome and phenomenon in Beijing is the “naked” cars running on Beijing roads.  These cars have no license plate on them.  So that they could “shoot” across junctions, violate all sorts of traffic rules and yet, prevent themselves from being caught.

Obviously these so-called “naked” cars belong to siblings of senior Chinese officials and cadres.  Policemen learned through their lessons not to interfere.

In fact, in human mind there’s also a “dark side of naked truth” embedded within.  We tend to choose to ignore certain evidences and information and only filter through those information we want to accept as “Facts”.  The Beijing traffic policemen are doing just the same.  They choose to ignore these “naked” cars on the road…

In some societies, many “naked truths” are being ignored, due to either political, social or cultural reasons. Strangely, one of the factor that causes such “naked” syndrome is mindset.

Another similar syndrome is what my friend told me about this “naked philosopher” who kept telling the whole world that he’s very frustrated about his gf kept sticking to him; but continues to “glue” to each other.  This is another type of “naked soul” which badly needed attention from others but, trying very hard to take things as if he’s forced to accept such goodies.

The traffic police can't see ... the license plate.


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