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14th Dec 2011

Commentary by:  Roadside Scholar

Zaobao of Lion City Seeks The Best Chinese Character to Describe The Year 2011 Singapore

Apparently this practice has been on for a few years. So, coming to a close of year 2011 the local Chinese newspaper Zaobao (i.e. Morning Posts) is seeking public to suggest the right Chinese character (word) to best describe what happened in the year.

The newspaper’s editor apparently suggests that the Chinese word “XIN” (it means New) is the most apt one. The reasons being, this year the island state has seen many new changes including “new normal” took place on its society.  That includes, general election stunning results, a new elected president, the new style of political change, the PM said sorry to citizens on some of the mis-managed national policies etc, etc.

Extract of Zaobao's article - XIN should be the right word.

But, but Roadside Scholar don’t quite agree with the editor’s recommendation.

The word XIN merely means “new”.  To choose such a word makes no sense at all, because Everyday Is A New Day.  This is just a “central tendency” at the heart of the issue at play. i.e. Play Safe.

To Singapore people, the year 2011 represents A Year of Change.  It’s beyond just new normal.  The changes are better than “new” indeed.  “new” may not be all good. But Year 2011 remains a year to be remembered by all (as in the Lion City) to be a change for positive scenarios moving forward with hope. With changes taking place on this land, the country would continue its pursue of excellence with better insights of what the people really want and how to rally support from people for next lap of nation building.

So, as a Roadside Scholar, i would think that the best Chinese word to best describe Year 2011 Singapore should be “CHANG” (i.e. Universal Constant).  Because, the Only Constant Is Change.  The word Constant also means Consistency In Practice as well as Constancy To Purpose, achieving progress without upheaval.  Look at the facts, Singapore has been through quite drastic changes in social & political landscape, including increased political awareness, accountability of office bearers (i.e. those who failed must be let go), new style of (govt.) communications with masses, emphasizes helping the weak & poor groups, etc.  Yet all these are taking place in a calm and rationale manner.  This is Change with Constant Consistency.  This is what we called “Fine-tuning”.  So, change is good this time around.

The word XIN (new) suggested by the newspaper editor is too weak to reflect any specific meaning of positive changes.  Good try…

GUYS, therefore this is the right Chinese word for 2011 Singapore: 

CHANG has much more deeper meaning... it's about Change that carries universal consistency


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