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About selecting the best Chinese word for 2011 Singapore

Suggested by:   A Commoner

15th Dec 2011

Heart-landers at local coffee shop

Come On.  It Is Zhang Zhang Zhang!  Nothing To Do With Zhen!

I am a commoner in the Lion City State. Wa-lau… Don’t tell me that newspaper people dunno about the major happening in this place is big INFLATION?!  The most pinpoint word in Chinese for this year is ZHANG (Inflate) alright.

The Chinese words XIN (New) and ZHEN (Tremble) been suggested by local newspaper are far off target.  Just be truthful and down to earth in reflection of year 2011…  keep trying,

This year (2011) everything has “Zhanged” (inflated) to a level that affects commoners livelihood, including transport, foods, property (oh my goosh), and commodities.  Oh yeah, prices for per cup of coffee at heart-land coffee shop has increased too.

My suggestion:  ZHANG should be the best Chinese word to best describe 2011 Singapore.  Leave the “Zhen” (Tremble) to Japan and Christ Church.  It has no meaning to us.


From our editor:  The suggestion of Zhen (Tremble) by local Chinese newspaper as follows.

Zhen means tremble. This is because many earthquakes in the region this year

*** Our reader “A Commoner” suggests this Chinese word: ZHANG (Inflate, or Inflation), as follows:


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