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18th Dec 2011

From the editor:  We have our readers submitted interesting news reports on Lion City.

(1)  Finally, Zaobao (morning news, Lion City) today puts up the Chinese word ZHANG (inflate/inflation) as one of the choices to best represent the eventful year of 2011 for Singapore. In fact, earlier our reader “A Commoner” has already suggested this word ZHANG on 15th Dec 2011 on this blog.  (Please refer to this blog post dated 15th Dec).

Now the Zaobao follows our reader's suggestion - ZHANG (inflate/inflation)


(2)   Our reader “Roadside Observer” picked this up, from the Lion City’s English newspaper.  Apparently the “whole world” in the Lion City got really pissed off by their Mass Rapid Transit frequent failures that caught ten of thousands commuters off guard and lost in their journey, over the last few days. Over the last one year, a total of 25 incidents occurred.  The public think that this CEO should resign, as reported in today’s news.

Maybe this is just another case of common corporate world syndrome – executives are often promoted beyond their capability?  We have to wait for the final judgment.

Is it a management incompetency OR specific technical problem?



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