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29th December 2011  Thur

Contributed by:  Joshua  (Pastoral)


Like Panda, sometimes human beings are trapped without knowing it...

China’s Pandas live a seemingly comfortable life of their own.  They are being inhabited in the Northwestern part of China, taken full care by expertise staff.

But it is obvious that Pandas are approaching the tail-end of their journey on earth… They could not produce the required numbers to ensure their long-term survival.  But Pandas will never know… their fate.

Human beings, sometimes are trapped in our own “cage” or I called it “opportunity” without even knowing it.  Therefore, opportunities are within their reach yet they fail badly because of they simply don’t see it as opportunity but only hardwork.  They don’t know about the biblical story of Wisdom, read 1 King 3:1 – 15 .   Isaac Newton, the brilliant scientist, said towards the end of his life, “i feel like a little child playing by the seashore while the great ocean of truth lies undiscovered before me.” 

Many fortunate people are spending their assets away without even to pause and think.  Because they are too self-assured that,

(1)  they are still young, (watch out! By 40, you are either cooked or excel).

(2)  they are supported by parents or grand parents,

(3)  things in this world will wait for them to be ready, (oh yeah…).

(4)  they dream of becoming a “life’s philosopher”, (lots of sick ideas and blow “black smoke” like an exhaust pipe).

(5)  they lack the mind to receive God’s revelation.  (or, they are simply not prepared to do so…).

At this juncture of coming to an end of year 2011, I would like to wish all of you an exciting and blessed new year ahead. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be like what the ancient Maya people said about the year 2012.  Nobody knows God’s timing.




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