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It’s Risk Management, Stupid!

8th Jan 2012

By:  Roadside Observer

It’s Risk Management, Stupid!  

Since December last year the mass rapid transit rails in Singapore had a few major breakdowns.  After some hu-ha the govt. has set up committee of inquiry to look into this serious breach of safety that caused >200,000 commuters scrambling for public transport in the city… “It’s a very serious case….” said the authority.

The CEO of the SMRT (mass rapid transit operator) initially vowed to stay on until things are sorted out; but two days ago she “resigned’ and the board declared that her resignation took immediate effect…

When asked, many people agreed that this CEO should go, no question about it.

But what exactly happened that could cause such a mess in mass transit?  Regardless whatever excuses and debates, here’s the root cause of all problems:  Poor Risk Management of a critical public transport system!

Read for yourself…

It's Risk Management, Stupid!


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