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28th Jan 2012  SAT

Contributed by:   Joshua  (Pastoral)

 Keeping One’s Sanity 

I was told this story by a friend, Robertson who attends church services in New York City (NYC).

According to him, the church is rather small with only 30 – 40 members.  The real interesting story is not about the church, but rather about one of the church’s elders in its committee.

According to my friend Robertson, this elder of the church (by the name of Enzo) has very funny character as he described.  Essentially, Enzo is a married man with 4 little kids.  He apparently is suffering from the “electrocuted” syndrome (a famous psychological case study) for quite a long while. The fact is, Enzo doesn’t appreciate his married life at all (being “electrocuted” all the time).  yet, Enzo turns to project the following behavioural pattern, to gain relief:

–  He always “imaging” and talking about other church-mates might be having marital problems.

–  He used to preach about “What you think?” to probe into other people’s inner-self and later, making comments about what went wrong.

–  He expresses “hates” about women and called them root-cause of all evil.

–  He professes to give advice to young people on how not to be conned and used by women.

etc. etc.

Such behavioural pattern is a reflection of “desperate relief” from one’s inner-self. It is also similar to the kind of psychological defence in which every one of us would rely on to keep our sanity in check.

But the long-lasting problem of over-dosed on this defensive mechanism within ourselves can be detrimental!  Such behavioural pattern will eventually leads to Lost In Wilderness.  It’s a matter of time the person involved ends up living constantly in his self-created false personality instead of normal living and confronting real life problems.  Nobody could help indeed.

God bless.


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