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Thinking Aloud: How Much More…

29th Jan 2012  SUN

By:  Archibal

Just How Much More… Will Change/Tilt The Scenario?

My friend shared with me the following news reports.

Scenario #1 :  How Much More effort Tiger Woods needs to push himself ahead of the game?

Tiger Woods has been in his worse state of golf career for the past two years and there are signs that he’s coming back… on the field again. It is not surprising that in his frustrating days Woods might have thought of giving up totally. But he endures and has come this far. He apparently knows, just keep pushing himself a bit more, and a bit more… there will be a state in which the whole scenario starts to change and tilts the game.

Scenario #2 :  How Much More money (wages) to prevent such cases?

It was reported in the Lion City State news medias, two top civil servants have been removed from their post and placed under corruption investigation. The country is best known for advocating high wages for its top govt. incumbents.  One of the key factors is to attract top talents (elites) to join politics or public service, and to maintain a clean and corrupt-free public service based on a transparent high wages approach. 


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