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Why Unimpressive Men Got Pretty Women

27 Feb 2012 

The Logic of Unimpressive Men Got Pretty Women

by:  Joshua 

ONCE I was asked this layman question or rather a common observaion, in essence, people used to question the ratonale of WHY many “normal” (unimpressive) men got away with pretty girls rather easily and, ironically many handsome  or able men married plain-jane?  The more acceptable reason is that plain-jane has plenty of other good qualities.

Obviously, there are quite many versions of answer to the question, in which they tend to deal with too much logics and whatever psychological and politically correct reasoning. 

I would like to point the way to the question-answer using two key words:  Hope and Responsive.  Most able men and good-looking guys don’t bother with that.

For those normal or unimpressive men (in the eyes of other men) who could pull it off with pretty girls, they possess a set of unique quality in which, pretty girls (for that matter,  most girls) take such quality very seriously.  Let me explain further…
Those lucky men might be rated by their same breed (other men) as unimpressive; but in dealing with women/girls, these men are very attentive in their relationship by providing lots of “hope” to their female counterpart.  Whether such “hope” (e.g. expressed intention) will be fulfilled eventually is another matter all together. Because women live in Hope and embrace Hope, albeit each has different levels of patience.  Interestingly, some women sticking to hope for very long time, with repeatedly new hopes been created.

Another critical effort offered by these men is “responsiveness”. They are responsive to “matters arising” from their woman/girl.  So whenever their girl(s) sounds off any irritation, these men respond quickly.  They kill the fire immediately. They never give a chance to accusation of infideliy!  Don’t you know that many broken marriages and divorce cases are linked to INFIDELITY.

So, handsome men need not blame and complaint about why less able or unimpressive men got away with pretty women/girls.  Learn harder next time, give lots of hope and be responsive.  You too, stand good chance courting impressive and pretty women. 


Last but not least, one must not abuse such quality (if he has got it) for his own good and self-fulfillment only. At the end of the day, some promises have to be fulfilled… regadless.  There’s still no complete free lunch out there.

Linsanity Is Just A Product of Mind Filter

25th Feb 2012  SAT

Regional News Extracts & Commentary

By:   Prof. Lin Ah Buck

My friends sent me this two news extracts, one from the Lion City and the other, Taiwan.

(1)  Everything Is Decoded Through Our Mind Filter  

 Media all over the world popularized Linsanity. The way i look at it, it is merely derived from basic Racist-oriented thinking as well as, the key element of Mind Filter.

Mind filter is a “layer of criterion based” filtering system embedded in our thinking process. This is largely developed from our family & cultural background as well as the education we received. In addition to that, supplemented by one’s life experiences.

Therefore, almost all commentaries about Linsanity (Jeremy Lin) are the derivatives of the Mind Filter.  Which is heavily based upon one’s internal criteria that filters off certain elements before forming conclusion. There isn’t any new angle from which one could highlight the story.  I would only treat this story of Linsanity as a pop culture product.


(2)  Stereotype Scenario  

This was a popular TV variety program in Taiwan.  The program usually features sexy pretty girls and women combined with magic shows and entertainment to attract viewership.

As if to make a difference, on this episode the program introduced a lady bodybuilder to exhibit her well-toned muscle and physic.

But to demonstrate how would Asian stereotype men respond to her, here’s a scenario posted for readers, “Would you marry this lady bodybuilder based on her appearance and following stats?” In that,

–  a graduate of philosophy from a reputable university in Europe,

–  age 28

–  works as manager for a reputable & international gym

–  Virgin (for those who think that this is the most important criteria)

Take a careful appreciation of the picture and give your answer, truthfully.  Wait a minute.  Asian stereotype men may be so surprized that there’s long-enough a queue lining up for the lady bodybuilder.

INSIGHTS OF LIN-SANITY By An American Professor



Part extracts of Prof. Zimmerman’s article on Lin-sanity phenomenon

Commentary by:  Eastcoast Picker
18th Feb 2012

What’s most telling here is this notion/rationale, “It’s not sufficient to earn near-perfect grades and test scores, or to excel at a musical instrument, or to win a science-fair contest….
But America’s elite universities don’t want too much of a good thing, if it ALL COMES FROM THE SAME RACIAL GROUP.”

I fully agree with Prof. Zimmrman in his final statement/calling:  “If you are Asian, our society says, excelling at school simply isn’t good enough. And that’s what I call Linsanity.”

This is an understanding of what advanced societies really need.  The myth of just because if one could study hard and score well in tests means the guy could handle all other things well is really a BS. 

Nevertheless, there’s still lack of fair play in common life’s encounters for Asians in the “land of promises”.  But, in comparison to other places outside Asia, USA remains a better choice for those who have dreams to pursue. Facts of life, to receive education in top US universities is of great value and many brilliant guys from Asia are still pushing hard to gain entry.

Jeremy Lin and Liao Hwa (廖化)


18 Feb 2012  SAT

More Commentary of Lin-sanity

by:   Chinese Scholar HWEE

The story begins with a Chinese classic literature “Romance of Three Kingdom”…

There was this general by the name of Liao Hwa (廖化) who was very low-key by nature. General Liao however, was deep in military knowledge and good in applying strategies on battle field.  Due to his low-key character, Liao was not assigned with important military campaigns most of the time.  But general Liao was patient yet determined in maintaining his macro perspective, be ready for sudden tasking.  It was ironic that many critical moments and turn of events were saved in the hands of general Liao; through his wits and decisiveness when he was called upon for important moments.

There are talents live for the moments… and there are talents who seize the moment.  General Liao and Jeremy Lin both share a common characteristic, that’s to be prepared for the moment. 

Those who read Chinese would enjoy the text story above  about general Liao Hwa’s moments captured in Romance of Three Kingdom.

Counting Your Fortune



17 Feb 2012  FRI

By: Roadside Picker (Johor Ah Beng)

Interesting Yet Common:  Life’s A Two-sided Coin

This was a piece of news from Singapore.  A man who was a  Fortune-teller by profession, gambled in a casino in Singapore and soon dropped dead upon winning for himself a “fortune” of S$5,000 from the House.  It could be due to a heart-attack (?) that took place in the midst of excitment.

The lesson learned is not about whether one should check his heart’s condition before betting in casino. 

The “rules of game” for fun indulgence remain Not To Take It Too Seriously.  However, most people tend to indulge in fun things far more seiously than those real serious things to them and their family or society.

The essence of a Chinese saying is that, “die for a mountain weight and not like a feather!”  (死有重于泰山, 轻于鸿毛。)
It remains an individual judgement of our readers regarding this incident of “$5000 worth of fun and excitment.” Just another question in relation to this incident in which some may ask, “who’s the winner?” or rather, “who’s the loser?”

Sudden Out-burst of Talent 横空出世



News Commentary

17 Feb 2012 FRI


Now even president Obama praised Lin-sanity on his extra-ordinary performance in sports. He says, “This is truly beyond basketball sport. It’s a phenomenon… “

Such a sudden out-burst of great performance/talent fits well in American society, especially so in highly competitive environment. This is an arena that tends to overlook slow and gradual incremental imprvements. No one gives notice to very consistent (but gradual) performance. Wall Street is the best illustrated example of America’s “go for the sky” kind of mentality and common expectations. 

The phenomenon of Lin-sanity exactly fits well with such formula.  But there’s nothing wrong with the equation at all.  To break new ground, one has to produce (cre
ate) the “energy” (form and content) that’s desparately needed by the society he lives in, at the right time.  Jeremy Lin trained very hard all these years and recognizes the time has come for him to show that Sudden Out-burt of talent on the court and in front of the crowd (and media). 

In Chinese classic phrase, it is called “横空出世” (heng-kong-chu-shi) !!!

Singapore News Extracts

16th Feb 2012

Interesting News Extracts

Commentary by:  Roadside Picker

Creative Technology Attacking China Market (Tablet)

(Hopefully this time they know exactly what to do… This company has been giving too much hope and delivering too little, over the past decade… maybe this time around they finally found their path. I trust the Koreans more these days.)

Same Story, Different Era

(The Chinese classical story “Romance of Three Kingdom” describes about the famous strategist Zhu Ge Liang went ahead to execute one of his best generals, because the general took things for granted and ran wild.  Singapore’s Workers Party apparently has done just the same, on one of their best members of parliament in order to establish the party credibility).

“Super Lin” Going Strong…

(This happens in USA, not in Singapore. But, the success story of Lin-sanity applies to everywhere on earth.  Some say the Lion City needs such a miracle to inspire its population… true or false?)


Singapore Property Analysts Wrong Again…

(Just last month, almost all property analysts in the Lion City commented that the island’s property market would be slump with additional stamp duty imposed by the govt. Some even blind-folded and alarmed that the property prices might be down by 30%!  Before they wake-up, last month’s property sales have increased >2 folds. Guys, don’t ever believe in property analysts’ projection.  Just believe in the following, i.e. key borrowing (or mortgage) interest rates and stock market rally movements.  There’s no credit crunch here my friends, not yet.)

Chicken Wings & Philosophical Meaning

Extracts of Interesting News

6th Feb 2012   Mon

Special commentary by:  Joshua  (Pastoral)


It has deeper meaning than just winning the challenge...

As reported by international news, this Japanese won the challenge of 20th Wing Bowl at Philadelphia, by eating up 337 cooked chicken wings, in just 30 minutes!

There are many similar contest being organized from time to time, around the world. Such food-eating contests usually draw huge interest and many participants.

But then again, what exactly in the elements that such food-eating contests could attract viewership and participation alike?  Indeed the following mentioned key elements are crucial to any food-eating contests.  Both for the contestants and crowd.

The Elements:

(1)  The first and most important element of all, is philosophical in nature. Human beings love to appear in front of a crowd to express themselves as “challengers” of a subject matter at a specific point in time. Food-eating contest provides exactly the condition and environment for that purpose. Like all philosophers, they love to take on challenges to debate about certain tough issues in front of a crowd.

(2)  However, as in the case of food-eating contest, eaters are not too concerned about winning the contest per se, unlike philosophers. Food-eating contestants are engrossed in a form of “exhibitionist” performance rather than its substance.  They gain tremendous satisfaction by doing so, while polishing their ego in front of a crowd. The “eaters” just enjoy the PROCESS and never bother about the OUTCOME!  To them, outcome (or result) is not important.  Many people live life in such manner indeed. They just want to do things in which they engross in, and continue to “listen” to the cheers… nevermind about what will happen as consequences. By the way, a classic example is that, a Taiwan young man died of playing computer games non-stop for 23 hours! The outcome means nothing to him and the society as a whole, but he died for the process…

(3)  This is a syndrome being reflected through some people around us. Like one of my friend’s son, Yan Kong.  Yan is a drop-out of a British university studied the subject of Philosophy. He’s exactly a “food-eating contestant” who  just eat and eat, shallows chunks of food down his throat but never get to really taste what he’s “deep-throated”.  Till to date, Yan continues his self-revelation philosophical discussion with people around him, and at the same time engross in all sorts of fun things in materialistic world. The lucky thing he has, is that he’s living upon his grand father’s retirement wealth.

We should take a careful look at this syndrome of Chicken Wings Eaters. We must clearly come to realization that, in life’s serious endeavours, both the Process and Outcome are equally important in totality.  God Bless.

Don’t Be Too Engross In Fun Things


4th Feb 2012


It was reported in the Taiwan news that this “promising” young man (as shown in the following picture) died in the midst of playing computer games for 23 hours non-stop!  This guy died with his body freezed in the shown position with both arms remained stretching forward… still in the “game state”.

Died having fun, for sure...

The $64,000 question is, how could this tragedy happen?

According to a friend who studied biology, he says that it is possible to die this way, while having highly tense and fun moments. Under such condition, a person’s blood flow slows down and also, insufficient supply of food and glucose (energies) to the body and hence causing the human body to shut down! (It’s a Rigor Mortis effects).

Anyway, this guy become famous.

The essence and parable one could get from this unique case, is that getting overly engross in any form of excitement and fun things may not be such a good idea after all. Someone says this, “Not all good things are fun, and not all fun things are good.”

Just wonder, what value should be pegged on this person’s life?

7 Lessons from Kodak – True Or False?

2nd Feb 2012   Thur

By:  Joshua


Too established to think?

The above newspaper extracts pinpointed 7 lessons why Kodak has failed in its long-established business.

To recap, there are:

(1)  failure to move into new technologies;

(2)  though among the first to invent digital camera, but lacked determination to follow through;

(3)  failed to capture the imagination of social web-based photo image-sharing, like Facebook did;

(4)  over-diversify into other non-core businesses and failed to make good progress;

(5)  failure to renew strategy, kept sticking to “old good concept” all the way;

(6)  hanging on one-minute-too-long, with a “sinking ship”;

(7)  lacking the guts to move away from the wreck to save the future of the company.

The ending?  File for bankruptcy.

The way I look at the story of Kodak, the Root Cause of all problems/evils for Kodak is well beyond what the above mentioned, albeit they are the text-book common sense. How Kodak comes to this ending is deep-rooted in the following analogy:

–  After the founder died, the company had failed BADLY in bringing in CEOs with rear talent and visionary foresight. Otherwise, just the established system (in Kodak) could not kill the company. Over the last 40 years, the company for sure had employed merely mediocre leaders who in turn, brought Kodak to the edge of the cliff and went over it.  If Kodak had some brilliant CEOs, the scenarios would be very different. All the above mentioned 7 lessons would have been corrected.

Just look at Apple will do. Without Steve Jobs, the company would have long packed up. Now is the real test for Apple after Steve era.

Another issue is worth pondering. Kodak apparently was washed away by the Tsunami of Positive Disruption. Apparently digital-age imagery products have overtaken Kodak’s films (key business software) usefulness. There are companies out there consistently in search of such positive disruption to their proven business model and trying to break new grounds in order to stay ahead of the curve. But, it’s easy said than done. Someone said this before, “Real innovation is to push yourself into territory of dangers…”

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