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Don’t Be Too Engross In Fun Things


4th Feb 2012


It was reported in the Taiwan news that this “promising” young man (as shown in the following picture) died in the midst of playing computer games for 23 hours non-stop!  This guy died with his body freezed in the shown position with both arms remained stretching forward… still in the “game state”.

Died having fun, for sure...

The $64,000 question is, how could this tragedy happen?

According to a friend who studied biology, he says that it is possible to die this way, while having highly tense and fun moments. Under such condition, a person’s blood flow slows down and also, insufficient supply of food and glucose (energies) to the body and hence causing the human body to shut down! (It’s a Rigor Mortis effects).

Anyway, this guy become famous.

The essence and parable one could get from this unique case, is that getting overly engross in any form of excitement and fun things may not be such a good idea after all. Someone says this, “Not all good things are fun, and not all fun things are good.”

Just wonder, what value should be pegged on this person’s life?


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