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Chicken Wings & Philosophical Meaning

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6th Feb 2012   Mon

Special commentary by:  Joshua  (Pastoral)


It has deeper meaning than just winning the challenge...

As reported by international news, this Japanese won the challenge of 20th Wing Bowl at Philadelphia, by eating up 337 cooked chicken wings, in just 30 minutes!

There are many similar contest being organized from time to time, around the world. Such food-eating contests usually draw huge interest and many participants.

But then again, what exactly in the elements that such food-eating contests could attract viewership and participation alike?  Indeed the following mentioned key elements are crucial to any food-eating contests.  Both for the contestants and crowd.

The Elements:

(1)  The first and most important element of all, is philosophical in nature. Human beings love to appear in front of a crowd to express themselves as “challengers” of a subject matter at a specific point in time. Food-eating contest provides exactly the condition and environment for that purpose. Like all philosophers, they love to take on challenges to debate about certain tough issues in front of a crowd.

(2)  However, as in the case of food-eating contest, eaters are not too concerned about winning the contest per se, unlike philosophers. Food-eating contestants are engrossed in a form of “exhibitionist” performance rather than its substance.  They gain tremendous satisfaction by doing so, while polishing their ego in front of a crowd. The “eaters” just enjoy the PROCESS and never bother about the OUTCOME!  To them, outcome (or result) is not important.  Many people live life in such manner indeed. They just want to do things in which they engross in, and continue to “listen” to the cheers… nevermind about what will happen as consequences. By the way, a classic example is that, a Taiwan young man died of playing computer games non-stop for 23 hours! The outcome means nothing to him and the society as a whole, but he died for the process…

(3)  This is a syndrome being reflected through some people around us. Like one of my friend’s son, Yan Kong.  Yan is a drop-out of a British university studied the subject of Philosophy. He’s exactly a “food-eating contestant” who  just eat and eat, shallows chunks of food down his throat but never get to really taste what he’s “deep-throated”.  Till to date, Yan continues his self-revelation philosophical discussion with people around him, and at the same time engross in all sorts of fun things in materialistic world. The lucky thing he has, is that he’s living upon his grand father’s retirement wealth.

We should take a careful look at this syndrome of Chicken Wings Eaters. We must clearly come to realization that, in life’s serious endeavours, both the Process and Outcome are equally important in totality.  God Bless.


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