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16th Feb 2012

Interesting News Extracts

Commentary by:  Roadside Picker

Creative Technology Attacking China Market (Tablet)

(Hopefully this time they know exactly what to do… This company has been giving too much hope and delivering too little, over the past decade… maybe this time around they finally found their path. I trust the Koreans more these days.)

Same Story, Different Era

(The Chinese classical story “Romance of Three Kingdom” describes about the famous strategist Zhu Ge Liang went ahead to execute one of his best generals, because the general took things for granted and ran wild.  Singapore’s Workers Party apparently has done just the same, on one of their best members of parliament in order to establish the party credibility).

“Super Lin” Going Strong…

(This happens in USA, not in Singapore. But, the success story of Lin-sanity applies to everywhere on earth.  Some say the Lion City needs such a miracle to inspire its population… true or false?)


Singapore Property Analysts Wrong Again…

(Just last month, almost all property analysts in the Lion City commented that the island’s property market would be slump with additional stamp duty imposed by the govt. Some even blind-folded and alarmed that the property prices might be down by 30%!  Before they wake-up, last month’s property sales have increased >2 folds. Guys, don’t ever believe in property analysts’ projection.  Just believe in the following, i.e. key borrowing (or mortgage) interest rates and stock market rally movements.  There’s no credit crunch here my friends, not yet.)


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